This is the reason why western males are very jealous of us Asian guys

Proud To Be Asian!This is her selfie when she work as a maid

The girl you see which is one of our Asian girls may look like 6 years old but her real age is 22 years old and no she is not a midget because her body proportion is typically the same as our other Asian girls who are at the same age as her. What you see is just one of the many evidences of our youthful Asian genetics which made us Asians look much younger than our real age. That is why almost all the pedophile losers in the world are not us Asian guys because our Asian girls are look much younger than their real age which gave us Asian guys no good reason to “prey” on childrens, on the other hand western girls are look much older than their real age which is why almost all the pedophile losers in the world are western males. For comparison :
- In western countries such as america with the populations of over 300 millions, the number of pedophile crimes there are around 18% or from all the childrens in america around 18% of them have been sexually abused, see the data of crimes statistic in america released by the american FBI.
- In our Asian countries such as Indonesia with the populations of over 250 millions the number of pedophile crimes there are less than 0,0001%, this may sound unbelievable to you but this is the truth so just see the crimes statistic data released by the Indonesian national police.

What more worse of the western pedophile losers is that they not only hunting their “prey” in their own western territories but also outside of their western territories including in our Asian territories, especially in our developing Asian countries such as Philippine, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. There are many westerners who try defending the super high pedophile crimes those westerners committed by saying the reasons we Asians have much lower pedophile crimes than them is because of our Asian cultures and laws allow it, what those westerners said are obviously wrong and retarded because in reality there is none of our Asian cultures who allow childrens to be sexually abused and in our Asians law the legal age to marry is 17 years old. Our Asian cultures are just much more better and honorable compared to those westerners cultures, proven by we Asians not only have way much lower pedophiles crimes but also all crimes in general including robbery, violence, rape, murder, etc crimes compared to those westerners.

We Asians also have much higher morals, in the west there is something known as ‘age of consent’ where in the west it is ok for those westerners to have sex even without marriage as long as they have reached certain age [ usually 17 years old ], no wonder that the number of virgins in the west are super low. As for us Asians something like that would be considered as immorality, if there are peoples who are known doing sex but are not married first with each other even if they are over 17 years old then they will be looked down in our Asian society, many of our Asian countries including Indonesia even have laws who sentence peoples in jail for doing sex without marriage first. The evidence we Asians have much higher morals is our maid cafe, in the west maid cafe are seen as a prostitution related place where those westerners think they can do sexual things to the maid there. As for us Asians the one who create maid cafe, maid cafe is just like other cafe where peoples can order foods and drinks, the only difference is the theme where in maid cafe the theme is cuteness and innocentness just like other theme cafe such as music cafe, Manga cafe, etc, about the dress code in maid cafe the dress code are not revealing so the maid there are not wearing revealing cloth. What weird about those westerners is that they see sexual theme cafe such as hooter as something normal and not as something sexual, hooter is a sexual theme cafe created by those westerners where the waitress there wear revealing cloth. It seem cuteness and innocentness are seen as something sexual for those westerners and not something adorable and have to be protected, this explain another reason why those westerners committed a super high pedophile crimes since childrens are mostly look cute and innocent while those westerners rarely can find it on their adult western peoples. You can read more about this part on

This is the biggest reason [ other than we Asians are smarter ] of why western males are :
1. Very jealous of us Asian guys because we Asian guys got the best girls in the world which are our own Asian girls. Not only that, more and more of their own western girls are become obsessed at us Asian guys where they keep making topics, blogs, videos, etc which ask if we Asian guys love them or which shows them confessing their love towards us Asian guys. Their western girls even make dating websites such as [ made by a western girl in germany ] with the intention to promote themselves to us Asian guys, in comparison our Asian girls are not making any stuffs like that to get attention from western males.
2. Other than very jealous of us Asian guys, western males also hallucinating that our Asian girls prefer them than us Asian guys. Those western males are hallucinating because in reality over 99% of our Asian girls choose to give their virginity to us Asian guys and still continue to this day. What more disgusting is that those western males made many dating websites to get attention from our Asian girls because our Asian girls don’t give the same amount of attentions our Asian girls gave to us Asian guys.

What retarded is, due to their jealousy towards us Asian guys the only thing those western males losers could do is keep on claiming they have more bigger penis than us Asian guys while having big penis actually only make someone dumb and violent, for evidence just african who have the biggest penis are the less advanced and most violent race while us Asians are the most advanced and most peaceful race. We Asian guys committed the most lowest sexual crimes and divorce in the world, on the other hand those western males losers committed way much more higher sexual crimes and divorce which is not a wonder because those western males losers only see females as sexual object who love a guy because of penis size proven by their claim about their penis size. In the end their western penis are just worthless which proven by not only over 99% of our Asian girls prefer us Asian guys but more and more of their own western girls are become obsessed at us Asian guys.

What more retarded of those western males losers is how are they going to let peoples know they have more bigger penis than us Asian guys, are they going to get naked while keep stroking their penis to keep it big whenever they see a girl while compare it to a picture of our Asian penis? They can only show a picture of our Asian penis because there is no way we Asian guys would do or even think the same kind of retarded things those western males losers would do. If there are amongs those western males losers who claim their girlfriend or wife is Asian then that would only mean that those western males losers are pawned by us Asian guys, that is because they prefer our Asian girls rather than their own western girls while over 99% of our Asian girls prefer us Asian guys which mean we Asian guys got the best of the best while those western males losers only get our leftovers.

As for the western males losers who accuse us Asians of being pedophile for loving our Asian girls who are over 17 years old but still look underage, they are just jealous of us Asian guys. That is because the only way those western males losers can get their western girls who could be/look as young as our Asian girls such as the one you see in here are only by “preying” on their western childrens and that will only get them in jail for pedophile crimes, pedophile are losers who “prey” on childrens or those who are below 17 years old and not someone who love a girl who is over 17 years old even if the girl looks like 6 years old or even younger. Moreover no one can ban someone who is over 17 years old from doing stuff which only adults could do such as to get driving license, to marry, etc only adults can do, if those western males losers retarded logic are used then our Asian girls could only marry when their age are over 30 years old because only around that age our Asian girls look like they are over 17 years old.

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